Goalrilla Accessories: Deluxe Pole Pad

Price: $299

When Goalrilla developed the Deluxe Pole Pad, player safety was a priority. That's why it delivers 4 inches of front pole padding. They also wanted to make the Deluxe Pole Pad the toughest basketball pole padding on the planet. So, they used the toughest materials to construct the Deluxe Pole Pad so it can weather...the weather. They also added a reinforced base strip to protect the pad from lawn equipment. Since they're known for basketball systems that can handle the most brutal play, they think they have a responsibility to develop pole pads to protect players during that brutal play. That's what it takes to be a Goalrilla.

  • Rugged, 68" tall, thick pad system protects players during agressive play.
  • Weatherproof outer layer protects pad throughout all seasons and weather.
  • Fits ALL GOALRILLA UNITS and all 5" and 6" square poles.
  • Anchor bolt cover
  • 4" THICK FRONT PAD: for the ultimate in player protection
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: two-piece construction allows for easy installation
  • HEAVY-DUTY STRAPS:keep pad secure during agressive play
  • REINFORCED BASE: prevents damage from lawn equipment

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