Springfree Springfree 11' x 11' Large Square (S113)

Price: $1,999

The Springfree 11-foot Square Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is designed for jumpers of all ages. The 11.2' wide x 13.3' diagonal mat jumping surface is equivalent to a traditional 14-foot square trampoline but takes up the space of a traditional 11-foot square trampoline. This is a large trampoline, with an equally large bounce.

  • Ideal for active jumpers
  • Diameter of mat: 11' x 11'
  • Surface area of mat: 113 sq ft
  • Space Required:19' x 19'
  • Jumper weight rating: 220 lbs
  • Structural load capacity: 1100 lbs
  • Height of mat above ground: 3.3'
  • Height of FlexiNet™ above mat: 6'
  • Total height: 9.3'

Springfree™ Trampoline offers you the World's Safest Trampolines. After 14 years of injury prevention research, Springfree brings you a smart, safety-conscious design from a team of world class engineers.

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